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Join our team!

Close to the Heart is looking for fun-loving, women-empowering, reliable humans to work in our retail space. 

Your duties will include: light cleaning, steaming, bra fittings, selling stuff, packing things, telling funny stories, and yelling at us when our music choices are inappropriate for a maternity store.

Benefits include: hanging out with Jess and Hannah because they're awesome! Oh, and Amy's okay too... We pay, offer an employee discount, and a super fun atmosphere (just ask us!). Also: our customers are actually awesome and we love them. Literally zero retail horror stories - legit. And the more we keep going it sounds like we're trying to pull your leg, but really, believe us, our customers are the best - crème de la crème - if you know what we mean.

Sign me up! Who do I contact?

Send your resume to Hannah at