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Little Sleepies Bamboo Pajamas for the Family

Your baby spends more time in pajamas than in anything else. We spent two years designing the perfect sleepwear: comfy for baby, easy for you. Our innovative features are a game-changer for parents -- our rompers convert to footies with the flip of a cuff, double zippers for the easiest diaper changes, and no tags, buttons or snaps to deal with. All of this in the softest bamboo viscose fabric you've ever felt that is incredible for sensitive skin! Winner of Earnshaw's Best New Brand Award for 2019.

Why Bamboo is Our Favorite Material for Pajamas:

Super soft and lightweight

Bamboo viscose fabric is often compared to silk or cashmere in terms of how it feels to touch. The threads can be finely spun and when knit like Little Sleepies pajamas, a soft and stretchy garment is made! Perfect for nighttime snuggles.

It’s naturally antibacterial and antifungal

When you have a child (or children), the laundry can become overwhelming. Bamboo is fantastic because it’s antibacterial and antifungal, which means it can be reworn a few more times than cotton or synthetic fabrics.

Bamboo viscose absorbs sweat, also known as “wicking”

Bamboo fibers have a structure that pulls moisture into the core of the fabric, away from the skin. This helps with both cooling the body and keeping it warm! The perfect all-season material.

No micro plastics

There are many synthetic fabrics that offer similar breathablility and wicking that bamboo does, but they come at a cost to the environment. Every time synthetic materials are washed, they release tiny micro plastics that get carried into the water and are so small they cannot be filtered out. These plastics are then ingested by fish, wildlife, and even humans! Learn more about micro plastics.

But bamboo comes from a plant and is completely biodegradable. Any tiny fibers released during washing (and drying!) are able to be broken down into organic material once again.

Similar to wool without the itch or special care

Many of these benefits may sound familiar, since they're also the benefits of wool. However, wool has a few drawbacks. Many people are sensitive to wool products due to the structure of the material. Many people are allergic to wool, whereas bamboo is hypoallergenic.

Wool also requires a nylon or other synthetic material core to give the strength necessary to hold up to machine washing and regular wear.

What our beautiful mamas have to say:

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