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Bra Basics: Measuring Yourself for a Bra

By Heidi Schertz July 16, 2021 0 comments

Have you struggled to shop for bras online but you haven't been able to get into Close to the Heart to find your perfect fit? That's totally OK. I'm going to walk you through how to shop for a bra online, how to measure, and what to look for in a bra. 

Step 1: Measure

You will need 

  • A flexible tape measure or a piece of yarn or ribbon
  • A yard stick or ruler (only if you are using yarn/ ribbon)
  • A mirror or a buddy
  • Paper & Pencil 

Wrap your measuring tape under your breasts along the line where your bra sits. Use the mirror to make sure that the measuring tape is not twisted and that it stays flat across your back. You don't want it creeping up. You do not have to pull super tight. This number is your BAND number

Next repeat this process at the largest part of your breasts. DO NOT SQUASH THEM! Subtract the band number from your breast measurement. This is your CUP size.

Step 2: Shop! 

Armed with your measurements you are ready to shop. You'll notice that a lot of bras at Close to the Heart are not in band/cup sizes but are in Small--XXLarge sizing. We've found that due to the major shifts in breast size during and after pregnancy this option gives you a lot more flexibility in the bra itself. Simply check out the size chart listed for each bra online and you're set! We love that there are so many amazing maternity and nursing bra options out now. 

Ultra Feminine Nursing Bra

Comfort and Sleep


High Impact & Sports


Step 3: ENJOY!

If you have ordered from Close to the Heart before you have an additional resource because we can help you remember which bra you ordered and what size. That's part of what our loyalty program is about! But hopefully shopping online can be less stressful now that you know how to measure and what you want in a bra. 

We want to make sure you love your bra and feel completely comfortable. Let us know if there is a style you'd like to see us carry!

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